B stronger A lil’ longer…

There will always be a day in your life, when you feel like giving up…like the time you fell off your bike and wouldn’t get back on, tried out for the olympics and didn’t make the top ten, or hated something because of the way it looked. Taking risks is what life is all about. We learn from our mistakes like everyone else does. Mistakes are meant to be so that we can learn to not do them again. When I was ten I was determined to win the school spelling Bee. I use to think that I could go to sleep as an ordinary girl, and then the next morning wake up being that brave, perfect someone who wins everything she thinks she can win…but life’s not about winning. I live here to this day to have adventure, wild dreams, and take challenges; life’s a challenge for survival, friends, happyness, peace, and just about everything that I can think of that it’s made up of. Because you are reading this, I want you to fall asleep tonight, thinking about your most prized accomplishment you want to succeed in, and wake up the next morning saying, “I know I may not succeed in that accomplishment today, but I will try my hardess and fight with all I got inside of me, so that when that one day comes, I will be prepared to do anything.”


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