A boy she (you) love(s)



I see the things that he did to you. I make sure you don’t know what he’s hiding. You can’t let him get away with hurting you…you don’t derserve to be treated this way. I know that you are letting all the bad things he has done to you free from your mind, because you love him deeply. He does not care for you, but you will always love him- nomatter what things will happen next. I know you are in pain, I know that you hide secrets away from me too, and I know you feel bad for not being as good of a friend as you want to be. There will be guys that won’t treat you as nice as the rest, and there will be hard times where you’ll have to face the future that lies before your hands. I can tell how sad you must get when you realize that he never liked you in the first place, but don’t listen to him. Love is the strongest thing, so don’t go out of your way just to get the man of your dreams…sometimes you will never be the women of his. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself, because the worst that can happen is losing that one person who treated you wrong. Never go out of your way to make someone happy, for you will let go of all the things you want to do. You may never learn from the mistakes that you make in choosing the wrong person to love, but always know that you will always be loved by someone. It’s okay to love someone more than they love you…your love will go far and last long. Don’t throw away your life to respect ‘someone elses’ decisions, because you will be throwing out all that you can become. Life isn’t about popularity, looks, friends, and money, it’s about having the time of your life…we don’t live forever. You are what you do, what you choose, and what you spend time feeling, so let go of all your fears, and take risks you’ve never thought of doing. Take your own direction in life, become the person you want to become, and respect yourself no matter how bad your flaws may be.


2 responses to “A boy she (you) love(s)

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