Perfect is spelled Unperfect backwards

I can’t be perfect even if you wanted me to be. I wish I could be perfect, but the turth is, no body is perfect…it’s a fact that we have to live with. I want to be perfect. It would be a miracle if there wasn’t any such things as warts, moles, pimples, and acne…no prettier and uglier people to make fun of or to cry for… and absoulutely no war, just peace and quiet and harmony and love.

I wish some things in life, never happened. Whenever I come home and think about how the day has been, I drown in my own thoughts… “Why the heck did I do this, and why was she spreading crap about my life?” My mom says that “things in life aren’t always meant to be. The mistakes we make in life happen for a reason.” Everyone makes mistakes; some are worst than others, but they are mistakes. Some people can’t make their own decisions, so they tend to do what other people are doing. The best thing is to go with your heart. If you choose to have people control your life, you may never have the opportunities to do something that you want to do. It’s good to try new things and take new risks. The worst thing that can happen is that you may never do it again, and that’s okay because at least you tried it.  My mom also tells me that “people learn from their mistakes, because the mistakes and risks that they do, can become lessons to learn in the future.”


 Throwing away life is like throwing away something you love….